Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Shot Todd Abbot? POLL!!!!

Hey fans, make sure you vote in the "Who Shot Todd Abbot Poll!"  The winner will receive a lovely framed Todd Abbot print, signed by Todd Abbot from his hospital bed.

For breaking news on the Todd Abbot shooting, please remember to visit the DFG Comics mainpage regularly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cosmic Man: Who is He? Where Did He Come From? What are His Powers? YOU DECIDE!

Hey fans! DFG Comics and LG Studios are proud to bring you a brand new comic strip, Cosmic Man! This new strip is written by Leighton and Dan Graves, pencilled by Dan Graves & Inked by Leighton Graves. To top it all of DFG colourist Flora Lovartalot makes her return as colourist! Cosmic Man has been a background player in the DFG universe since the early 1980's, but Leighton Graves wanted to revive him as a major character. "When we began thinking about who Cosmic Man was, what his powers were, etc., we realized that we had never really developed any of this," said Leighton. "I suggested that we let the fans decide!" And so it is! On the side of this page you will find several polls. You, the fans get to decide everything about Cosmic Man. The polls will only be open for a few weeks so vote early!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Where is Big Jon?

Dear DFG:

Last year, you guys said that you would be bringing back that classic DFG film character BIG JON (click here for story). What gives? We have yet to see him appear! I have the platinum boxed set of all his big screen appearance AND the hard-to-find 32 mm release edition of his short-lived TV series. I am a big fan of Timothy David, the actor who immortalized BIG JON... can you tell me more about him?


Javier Santamotzarello (noted DFG enthusiast)
Mexico City, Mexico.

Dear Javier:
Big Jon is indeed returning! The very next issue of Spy Comics Present (#6) will feature the Grim Avenger and the Flea battling Big Jon! For fans newer to DFG, Big Jon was created and portrayed by film legend Timothy David in the mid 1980's. Actually, Timothy David was only his stage name, he is, in reality, the brother of DFG President (and executive producer of the now defunt DFG film studios), Dan Graves! Big Jon was a kind of post-modern nihilistic psychopath who would just beat-up anyone who crossed his path, for no apparent reason. This was long before the Coen brothers protrayed similar characters in their films. For this reason, Tim Graves was inducted into the Frobisher Bay Hall of Fame for Theatrical Break-throughs in the early 1990's. I asked Tim to comment on Big Jon's return: "He's always been an underused character in the DFG stable... I hope that this appearance heralds his return to glory and that the issue will be optioned for a new motion picture revival. I am certainly able and willing to reprise the role for the right monetary compensation." Watch for Big Jon's return the upcoming issue of Spy Comics Presents by Dan Graves. It also features an all-new Darryl Andrews cover as well!
Sincerly, Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man)

Monday, June 08, 2009

How Can I Learn More About My Favourite DFG ARTIST?

Dear DFG:

I really enjoyed the new issue of Spy Comics Villains by Comic Book Legend Todd Abbot. Todd has always been my favourite DFG Artist. I really like how his simplicity of lines and shapes speaks against the angst of our age and the subjectivity of postmodernism. I have many questions for Todd... where can I send them?

Alex (a long-time DFG fan)

Dear Alex:

Thank you for sending in this list of questions. I have spoken with Todd and he'd be happy to answer them. You will find his responses to your questions, below.

Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and DFG Answer Man)

Some questions for Comic Book Legend Todd Abbot, posed by long-time DFG fan Alex

Alex: Todd, in your comic book work you are obviously reacting to the existentialist angst of our age by drawing your lines and forms with simplistic certainty. Indeed, that great existentialist Martin Heidegger once wrote, "If we attribute spatialitiy to Dasein, then this 'Being in space' must manifestly be conceived in terms of the kind of Being which that entity possesses." How would you respond to such a claim?

Todd Abbot: That's all just philsophical clap-trap, Alex. The only "being" that concerns me is the almighty Dollar. When I get that friggin' paycheque from the DFG clowns after submitting my latest masterpiece, then I fill the "space" in my empty wallet with the cash. That's what I call "being-in-space."

Alex: How did you get the name "the Godzilla of the Comic Book Industry?"

Todd Abbot: Well, clearly Jack Kirby is the "king." Sometimes Peter Repovski has been known as the "King Kong" of comics. Well, I'm better than both of those two second-stringers, so clearly, I'm Godzilla cause everyone knows that Godzilla is bigger than King Kong (in spite of that B-movie Godzilla/Kong team-up produced by Toho films... everyone knows that Kong only stood on top of the Empire State Building --- Godzilla could EAT the Empire State Building). That's how I got the name, I'm big. And I also nearly destroyed Tokyo once, but that's another story.

Alex: What is your favourite colour?

Todd Abbot: I won't even dignify such a stupid question with response. Pink.

Alex: Have you ever been in love?

Todd Abbot: With myself. Other than that I don't have time for whining wretches who only want me to spend time with them when I can be busy drawing comics for fun and profit. Are you interested?

Alex: What is your favourite DFG hero?

Todd Abbot: Spiderman, err, Captain Nepto since I created him. Spiderman would be my favourite if I had created him, but ever since that lawsuit I can't make that claim anymore.

Alex: Did you always want to be a comic book artist?

Todd Abbot: Oh sure, doesn't everyone want to draw crappy little pictures so that some corporate fatcats can reap the fruit of your labours while throwing you a small percentage of the sales of your best-selling, ground-breaking, award-winning work? It's a scream, kid. Let me tell you, get an education and a real job and stay away from comics, especially those guys at DFG... buncha friggin' crooks.

"Well, that's about all the time we have for today, kids! Special thanks to long-time DFG fan Alex and Comic Book Legend Todd Abbot for taking the time to share in this little exchange,"
-- Frank Daniels.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Fan Letter: I Can't Find DFG Comics At My Newstand!

Dear Mr. DFG:

I am having trubble finding DFG Comics at my local newstand. I feel verry worried. I really like DFG becuz they have many of favrit heroes, like Spymaster and Captain Nepto. My mom bought me sum DFG Comics at Christmas but I have only been able to find one since then (Spy Comics: Villains #1). I shure hope you are not out of bizness because you guys are the best.

-Jimmy (Age 8)

Dear Jimmy (Age 8):

It is very good to hear from you again, Jimmy. DFG Comics is alive and well. Old "Uncle Frank" has been off on a little holiday and its just that things have fallen a little behind here at DFG -- I hope you will understand. Things are beginning to get back on track. Spy Comics Presents #5 will be out really soon. Watch for other exciting DFG Comics including Future Spy: The Invincibles of the 25th Century coming later this Spring.

Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spy Comics Presents #3 Wins "Cover of the Year!"

By Prof. Martin R. Schoedel

Official DFG Historian

Spy Comics Presents #3 has won "Cover of the Year" in the 2008 DFG Fan Awards. The result is strangely appropriate given that it was real team effort by DFG Co-Publishers Dan Graves and Darryl Andrews. When reached for comment, Mr. Andrews noted, "It's kind of funny because it really was a last-minute thought to do this cover at all. Dan had a whole other cover pencilled for the issue that was given to Peter Repovski to ink. Pete's other professional commitments delayed the cover so we were behind the eight ball in getting the issue out. I had previously prepared a cover for Captain Nepto Prime #1, but when that title's focus changed, we scrapped the cover. I had passed the line art for the Nepto and Jester image on to Dan to use if the need came up. Well, Dan is not one to waste top-tier artwork and when the crisis over the cover for Issue 3 arose, he drew some quite stunning images of Holden, Bates, Glow Girl, and the Grim Avenger and did a composite of both our drawings to create this award-winning cover." When asked for further comment, Dan Graves added, "Darryl's got the story down quite accurately. Although Nepto does not appear in the story attacking the Jester, the interior story was about the above-mentioned members of the Invincibles trying to stop an assassination attempt by The Warrior (under contract to Nepto) on the Jester in his civilian identity as the mayor of Carnage City. It worked quite nicely as a "hook" to draw people into the story. It was all capped off by some very nice colouring by the late Flora Lovaratlot."

The Cover for Captain Nepto Prime came in second place. Watch this space for the next installment of the 2008 DFG Fan Awards!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2008 DFG Fan Awards -- Part III: Cover of the Year!

By Prof. Martin R. Schoedel
Official DFG Historian

With the first two polls closed, it is now time for our third poll! In this poll, DFG fans will be asked to name their favourite DFG Covers for the year of 2008. Covers featured are the following:

Spy Classics #3 (Art by Graves/Lovartalot)
Spy Classics #3 (Art by Andrews/Lovartalot)
Spy Comics Presents The Invincibles #3 (Art by Graves/Andrews/Lovartalot)
Spy Comics Presents The Invincibles #4 (Art by Graves/Lovartalot)
Captain Nepto Prime #1 (Art by Abbot/Andrews/Lovartalot)
Captain Nepto Prime #2 (Art by Abbot/Andrews/Lovartalot)

All of the covers appear in right-hand sidebar of this page.

Let the voting begin!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DFG Fan Awards Poll 2 Closes -- Louise Beats the Competition

By Prof. Martin R. Shoedel
Official DFG Historian

Well fans, the second poll of our 2008 DFG Fan Awards has closed! This second installment was for the fan of the year and we are pleased to announce that Louise Expatcanuck has won this prestigious honour by narrowly defeating Jimmy (age 8). In fact, Louise and Jimmy (age 8), were tied neck and neck in the polls until the last 26 minutes of voting until a last minute vote came in pushing Louise over the top and knocking Jimmy (age 8) down the the secondary position. DFG enthusiast and collector Javier Santamotzarello came in a distant third.

Louise will receive a special DFG original art piece signed by the ENTIRE DFG staff, suitable for framing.

Jimmy (age 8) will receive a free copy of the Spy Classics Annual #1 (origins issue) due out later this year.

Javier will receive a free "DFG or bust" collectors' button.

Javier, who was interviewed late this afternoon by the Canadian Comic Insider was philosophical about his honourable mention. "Well," he noted, "I haven't been a DFG collector as long as Joe Macrel and Johnny Seamore, and those guys didn't even get a single vote, so I guess I should be happy... and I'm very pleased with the button. Any new piece of DFG memorabilia added to my collection makes me happy."

Louise was notified by email and sent this response, "You're darned right I'm the fan of the year. I didn't plan on being beat out by a petulant little 8 year old snot-nose. Everyone knows 8 year olds aren't fans they're just punks."

At press time, Jimmy (age 8) was unavailable for comment but was reported to be crying in his mother's arms.

Watch this space for part 3 of the 2008 DFG Fan Awards, coming soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vote for your Favourite DFG Fan! Part 2 of the 2008 DFG Fan Awards

By Prof. Martin R. Schoedel
Official DFG Historian

Well, as announced earlier (click here for story), Part 1 of the 2008 DFG Fan Awards has closed with Dan Graves being declared the creator of the year. We now turn to our second poll. This is an unusual poll for the comics industry, but we at DFG Comics believe that our fans are what make our comics great! To this end we are announcing our second poll, "Who is your favourite DFG fan?"

For the uninitiated, allow me to introduce our nominees. First up is noted DFG enthusiast and collector, Javier Santamotzarello. Javier is perhaps the best-known of DFG's fans. Javier began collecting DFG memorabilia over 2 decades ago, has organized several DFG conventions, owns his own DFG Comics and Memorabilia store in Mexico City, and has been guest on numerous talk shows (including Oprah, Larry King, Brian Linehan, CityLine, the Jack Parr Show, Good Morning America, Good Morning Mexico, Good Morning Carnage City, Good Night Nurse, Good Night Moon, Conan O'Brien, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and others) speaking about his ongoing interest in all things DFG.

Second is Louise Expatcanuck. Louise is one of our newer fans, but very enthusiastic. In fact she has made a recent significant contribution to the DFG Universe by creating our newest villain, Spychiatrist. Louise drove all the way from North Carolina to Carnage City to lead a prayer vigil when our beloved, and now deceased colourist, Flora Lovartalot lay dying. She also headed up the "Tether for Flora" campaign in which many mourning fans wore little Ikea tether straps on the lapels reminding us always to tether our Ikea shelves lest another tragic shelving accident happens like the one that felled Flora. She has also acheived a mythic status in fandom for having vulcan nerve-pinched Frank Daniels at the last Carnage City ComicCon.

Next up are Joe Macrel and Johnny Seamore. These two cousins have been DFG fans from the start. Little is known about them except for being faithful fans and letter writers ever since DFG began bringing us the best in Canadian comics way back in 1981.

Jimmy, age 8, is one of our newest fans and wrote a very charming letter to our DFG fan club site earlier this year. We at DFG always try to remember that every DFG Comics is always someone's first comic, and so we try to make each one memorable. Thanks to Jimmy for reminding us about our own experiences of reading comics at his age. He even touched the hardened old heart of DFG Production Manager Frank Daniels.

Lexington Mazaicecreamconey sent us a letter earlier this year that was quiet a good letter. We was lambasted by Frank Daniels for his stupidity. Lex's inclusion in this poll is our way of making it up to him and part of our agreement, brokered through our legal counsel, Sir Milton Goldfarbstein, QC, KG, LLB, PhD, to avoid his lawsuit for defamation.

Well, those are our contenders... you have seven days to get your votes in.

We'll be back in 7 days with the results and an all-new poll in the 2008 DFG FAN AWARDS!

First Results in for the 2008 DFG Fan Awards!

By Prof. Martin R. Schoedel
Official DFG Historian

Well, fans the first of the 2008 DFG Fan Awards polls have closed and you have voted. We are happy to announce that DFG President and Co-Publisher Dan Graves has won the "Creator of the Year Award." This award includes an all-expense paid 10 day trip to Carnage City and includes passes many off-broadway shows, passes to the several well-known museums and galleries and 10 days and 9 nights at the Carnage City Hilton and Towers. Congratulations to Mr. Graves.

Our Co-Publisher and Vice President Darryl Andrews came in a close second and will receive 2 tickets to the upcoming DFG Classic Film Festival at the beautifully restored Carnage City Imperial Theatre.

Honourable Mention goes to Comic Book Legend and Superstar Todd Abbot. Mr. Abbot will receive a one-year supply of non-clumping kitty litter.

Congratulation to all our winners. And thanks to the law firm Goldfarbstein and Assoc. for overseeing the poll. Watch for the next series of polls in the 2008 DFG Fan Awards, coming soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Fan Query: Why So Angry, Frank?

Dear DFG Answer Man (a.k.a Frank Daniels):

A bunch of us loyal fans were talking at the last Carnage City Comicon about how grumpy you always seem. Every time anyone writes in with a perfectly reasonable request for information about our favourite Comic Book Company, you issue some snarky reply and treat the fans like we are complete morons, what gives? And then we stopped by the DFG booth to meet you and see if you were any nicer in person and you told Louise Expatcanuck (a very loyal DFG fan) to stop reading the comics because the collectors like them to be in mint. She told you that she was NOT reading the comics and that she was very carefully perusing their content. It was then that you lunged at her and tried to take her out. If it weren't for the fact that she had learned the vulcan nerve pinch at last year's Carnage City Sci-Fi Con, she might very well be in the hospital right now! What gives Frank, you used to be a nice guy!?

Joe Macrel,

Dear Joe Crapferbrains:

What gives? First of all, you ARE morons! ALL OF YOU! What on earth compels grown up men (and women) to spend their free time dressed up in superhero costumes wandering around a sweaty convention centre trying to get pictures and autographs of artists who can't make it in the real world so they draw comics? You think I like this worthless job? I need to put food on the table for my nine children and pay support to my four ex-wives! If I didn't have that burden, I'd tell Graves and Andrews what they could do with this freakin' job. Sure, I'll do the job but I don't have to take crap from punks like you or that stateside freak Louise Expatcanuck, so go back to your basements and make sure your comics are all alphabetized accordingly because I'm getting tired of your petty little lives.

Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man)

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fan Letter: Publication Delays

Dear DFG:

I am a long-time fan of DFG, but am very dissapointed by all the recent delays in you titles. Captain Nepto Prime July and August have still not been completed, Spy Comics Presents #5 was announced for a December release and has not appeared, and the Retro-Spy Christmas Special has now been put off until next Christmas! What gives!?!? We dedicated fans want to read DFG Comics, but you folks can't seem to get them out on time. We want our comic books and yet DFG is consistently tardy in releasing them on time. What explanation can you offer?

Johnny Seamore
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Johnny "Complainalot":

Listen punk, have you ever tried to put out a line of comic books while working with some of the biggest pig-headed creators in the industry? I can make up all the nice flow-charts and printing schedules that I want, but when prima dona creators like Todd Abbot, and yes, even our two esteemed publishers, Graves and Andrews, cannot even hand in their artwork on time, what do you expect me to do? Do you want me to run blank pages off the printing presses and tell you that the Spymaster and Capt. Nepto are caught in a snow storm? What do you take me for, some kind of shyster? I'm going to be square with you kid, working in this industry is no picnic. We have four titles (no, count that five, ever since our fearless leader introduced that stupid Spy Comics: Villains title) that I am trying to keep on schedule. Artists don't work on schedules, kid. They just hand in their work when ever than damned well feel like it. When I get it, I print it. And now, with our dear Flora gone, I'm doing all the friggin' colouring, too! I'm only one man, kid, so let up a little, okay? You'll get your comic books when I print them. And remember, their only comic books. Why don't you get a girlfriend or something?

Frank Daniels,
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man).

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Fan Letter: "Spy Comics: Villians" Series

Dear DFG:

I was intrigued by your Villain of the Month profile in which it said that your new villain Spychiatrist will be featured in an all-new DFG series Spy Comics: Villains. What can you tell me about this new series?

Javier Santamotzarello,
(Noted DFG Comics enthusiast)
Mexico City, Mexico

Dear Javier:

The problem with you fans is that you can't just take a "teaser" and be teased, you always have to know more and more. If our publisher, Dan Graves, gives you a teaser you should just bloody well be pleased to get what information that he gives out and not come whining to me for more details. What more do you want to know? There's a new series starting this Spring called Spy Comics: Villains. You know that because our boss-man told you. It stars Spychiatrist, a creation of one of our fans, Louise Expatcanuck, who I might add, is not near as annoying as you are with all your inane questions every fifteen minutes... at least she sends in useful ideas that we can use with minimal remuneration. Spychiatrist is the therapist to the heroes, or so they think, until he starts selling their secrets to the underworld. There. Happy now? What, no? You want me to give away the whole story? Why don't I just tell you the whole thing and then you wouldn't have to buy the friggin' book.

Did I mention that it will feature guest appearances by the Grim Avenger, the Flea, the all-new Spymaster, and Cyclone? No? Well now I did, and you'd better still buy the book punk.


Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

DFG Drink Coasters

Hey fans! Still looking for that special Christmas gift? Well it's not too late to order the Series One of the new DFG Comics Drink Coasters. That's right, if you are tired of all your friends thinking comic books are only useful as drink coasters, we have the perfect solution! Four of your favourite DFG covers are presented in miniature securely fastened BEHIND GLASS. That's right, now you can place your scotch on the rocks on your favourite DFG comic without worring about destroying any of your valuable collection!
DFG Comics Drink Coasters are the brainchild of DFG VP and Co-Publisher Darryl Andrews (who oversees the licensing and merchandising division from our Peterborough office). "I was really getting upset that whenever we had company, my spouse would pull out a DFG comic and use it as a coaster when serving drinks. I know that many fans and collectors have experienced this same problem. Comic books just don't get no respect in our society. I lost more valuable copies of Spy Comics back issues in this manner. But then I came up with this brilliant idea... uninformed ignorant people can still show all the disrepect that they want to our beloved art form and at the same time we can be assured that our comics won't be hopelessly destroyed by drink ringstains. And hey, it's just fun to kick back with a cold drink and enjoy those DFG covers without fear of damage. It is sure to cut down on many arguments in your homes, too!"
DFG Comics Drink Coasters Series 1 features the following covers, Spy Classics #4, Captain Nepto Prime August 2008, Retro-Spy #3, and Spy Comics Presents #6, and is still available for Christmas delivery by sending a cheque or money order for $49.95 cdn, to DFG Comics, 1771 Daniel F. Graves Avenue, Carnage City, CANADA. Series 2 will be available sometime in the new year.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Meet the DFG STAFF!

This special feature, which will be included in an upcoming issue of one of our DFG titles is offered here for your enjoyment. (Click on the page images to enlarge)

We hope you enjoy getting to know us!


Frank Daniels

DFG Production Manager (and answer man).